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CVVictoria HEALTH: Are You Setting Yourself up for Failure? – By Yana Hempler

If you haven’t reached your fitness goals yet, then it could be because you’re setting yourself up for failure.

The good news is, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to find out if you are, in fact, setting yourself up for failure as well as how to mitigate it. 1. Are you an “all-or-nothing” person? Although being an “all-or-nothing” person has its advantages, this may not be the case with fitness. Life sometimes gets in the way, so it’s not always possible to give fitness 110%. This is why finding a happy medium is the best way to stick to it without being disappointed in yourself for only working out 3 times a week instead of 5. 2. Do you allow external negative influences? If “yes”, then you need to stop now. Do not listen to your negative friends, coworkers, or family members who are not supportive of you. The best thing you can do is decrease your contact with negative people. 3. Do you expect results too quickly? If you do, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. You have to give your fitness routine a chance to work. The weight you gained over several years of inactivity didn’t get there overnight, so you will need time to lose it. 4. Do you beat yourself up? If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts about yourself, you will have a harder time sticking to your routine, especially if life gets in the way. 5. Are your goals realistic? When you are starting your fitness journey, it’s best to set small, realistic goals that you know you can accomplish. Accomplishing the small goals will help you gain the confidence you need to set and achieve the bigger ones. A combination of setting realistic goals, finding a happy medium and being positive about the outcome of your fitness journey will ensure your success. Yana Hempler is a personal trainer at Studio 4 Athletics, who has gone from barely being able to run one block to finishing 6 marathons, including Boston Marathon.