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"Blissful" Raw Food Recipes from Cafe Bliss – Book Launch coverage by Heather Boulding

CVV Food Writer Heather Boulding attended the launch of Cafe Bliss’ new raw food book – “Blissful”.

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When two of my favourite things came together, food and books, it was an event I couldn’t miss. Heather Cunliffe, chef and owner of Cafe Bliss – a raw food restaurant here in Victoria, recently published a book of her recipes called Blissful. The book launch at Chapters touted some amazing samples of raw foods, but I was also pleasantly surprised to get a lesson in making raw food at the same time. Heather showed an attentive audience how to make three raw food dishes from scratch, fresh almond milk (a staple at Cafe Bliss), a raw chocolate Bliss Kiss (absolutely divine), and a Bliss Ball (full of super foods and nutrients). The book, full of glossy colours and great raw food recipes as well as tips (for instance, soaking nuts at room temperature for 6-8 hours ahead of eating unlocks their nutrients and makes them easier to digest), would be a great addition to any healthy eater’s book collection.

Where to get it: Chapters on Douglas St. will be carrying the book until July 7th (unless they sell out first) or you can buy it at Cafe Bliss. The book retails for $30.

Cafe Bliss is located at 556 Pandora Avenue. Open 11am-7pm daily.

Heather Boulding