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CVTV Beauty: Lumisenz and micro current

Health and Beauty host Jodi Bryans takes us to Lumisenz in Victoria BC where they use microcurrent – the newest, hottest trend in skincare – to do everything from facials to muscle toning. She speaks to owner Dawn Wiggers about…

CVTV Beauty: Health Point Laser’s Venus Viva treatment

CVTV explores the latest trends in health and beauty. This episode, Tara Graves of Health Point Laser in Kelowna BC shows us a new treatment using radio frequency, called Venus Viva, which stimulates skin regeneration for younger, healthier looking skin. 

CVTV Health: Calcium without Dairy!

Nutritionist in the City, Suzy Berikoff, in Vancouver BC gives us 30 second nutrition tips that are easy, quick, and healthy. This time, she shows us how to get calcium from non-dairy sources.


CVV TV: Health – Hudson Yoga

Each month CVV TV goes to a healthy restaurant or exercise facility to discuss healthy lifestyle choices. This month Leanne Allen takes us to Hudson Yoga for a Bikram yoga session!

For more information on Hudson Yoga, CLICK HERE.

CVV Health: The Sumo Diet
















This is Leanne.

She’s a mom, entrepreneur, coach, and part-time samurai. 

Clearly, she’s not a sumo wrestler. 

No stranger to the rigorous sumo schedule,…