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CVV TV presents: Towers and Trees

CVV TV presents: Towers and Trees

Each episode, CVV TV features a local Victoria and area band. Hosted by Leanne Allen, shot on location at the Victoria Event Centre in front of a live studio audience. CLICK HERE for more info on the band.

Oh My Heart

Singer-songwriter and breast cancer survivor releases body acceptance music video post-mastectomy.

VICTORIA, CANADA – Kristia Di Gregorio put musical dreams on hold last year when diagnosed with breast cancer. A few weeks after releasing her latest CD she received the…

Shania Twain is Still The One

Let’s hope Shania Twain considers her final tour the same way, say, Cher or the Rolling Stones do (they are, respectively, on their 27th and 45th farewells) and that her concert Saturday night really wasn’t one of the very last chances to catch this remarkable entertainer live on stage.