Langham Court Theatre




On November 14 at 7pm MediaNet presents “Feminitude,” a screening of 6 works by women artists from Videographe arts centre.

Grace and Glorie

The Chemainus Theatre Festival presents Grace and Glorie, a unique Broadway play that emphasizes the magnetic relationship of opposing forces. In this drama, two antagonistic women with haunted pasts are thrown together by circumstance.

Performing Arts Innovator

Jo Leslie is a mutidisciplinary artist with over 150 credits in theatre, dance, musicals and new opera across Canada. She was principal movement teacher at The National Theatre School for 10 years and co- founded Studio 303 in Montreal.


The Belfry – Until October 11th 2015  

Speed The Plow

David Mamet’s scripts are well-known for their fast-paced, seemingly random snippets of dialogue, thought-provoking themes, and sardonic humour. Between the dialogue, seemingly random at times, and the characters’ realistically impulsive actions,…