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Couples that lift together stay together – by Kevin Ogborne

Walks around the neighbourhood getting boring? No time for a vacation away? No money for wine and dine? Yet still looking to keep excitement and fun in the relationship? Put down the thought of a large credit card bill and pick up a weight. Together. 

In an era filled with obesity, physical fitness has now topped most peoples’ “to do” lists, yet somehow falls to the wayside.

Having a date with a workout partner helps keep you more accountable, so why not have that date with your significant other? Not only will the two of you be getting fitter together, looking and feeling better but the release of endorphins will spice things up back home as well.

Another added bonus? Exercise is a wonderful stress reducer which will help you unwind from the stresses of children, bills & everyday work life which will ease up tension at home when times are tough.

It’s never easy sticking to a fitness plan but having someone have your back to push you is that helping hand over the hurdle. So for all you looking for something to do with your special someone, I bid you; Happy Lifting!

Kevin Ogborne owns Building Better Bodies and is a trainer working out of Studio 4 Athletics.

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