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Crafty Penguin – best gifts in the Okanagan – by Leanne Allen

I immediately fell in love with a “Family Rules” sign that I saw at Le Cheap C’est Chic clothing when I was there in Penticton. I love anything with script on it – sheets, paper, bodies… So this was a winner for me.

I found out that the sign was handmade by a woman in Penticton named Krista Kupczyk. When I went to meet her, she told me the story of how she got into it…When she was pregnant with her first daughter, she wanted to make some art for the nursery. Over the years, she made gifts for friends and family. Last year, with the kids all almost in school full time, she decided it was time to look for work. She realized this could be the perfect fit – to be able to be home with her kids when they needed her, to be creative, and own her own business. After launching into it wholeheartedly, and doing the Penticton Farmer’s Market (one of the most amazing farmer’s markets in BC if you’ve never been) all summer, she now wants to turn it into a full time job, and eventually have her own shop.

You can also custom-order a sign. I ordered one for a friend’s daughter’s birthday, and she asked the favorite colour, and her name, and had it done in under 24 hours.

Next time you need a gift, for a friend, or for your home, this is the place.

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