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Leanne has owned her own media companies since 2000, starting in print and selling to a major North American media company only seven years after her launch. She then worked with CBC radio, produced CBC’s first cross-platform pilot, produced a TV series for KVOS, worked with APTN and Insight Productions.

Mia Golden co-produces and stars in our GIRLS ON GRAPES series. She also co-produces other tv shows with Leanne in Fancy Carnies Productions. Her favorite vending machine food: anything fast - wait, is that everything? I guess it is.

Wayne was born and raised in East Vancouver but has lived the past 34 years in Victoria. He loves jogging, singing and playing guitar, acting and performing and in general having a fun time. In his youth his favorite vending food was potato chips but he works hard now to stay away from all vending machine foods.

Shane Archer is our line switcher, one of our shooters, post production and show assembly guy. He's responsible to putting all the pieces together for show delivery and online uploads. His favorite vending machine food is a healthy bad of chips!.

Darcy Beck directs, shoots and edits for the show. The last 26 years have found him working on productions throughout the world and every day he wakes up thankful to do a job he loves. Favorite vending machine food.. has to be the amazing instant hot coffee drinks that are everywhere in Japan! As strange as it sounds, they’re really delicious!

Jason Woodford does the production and post-production for the Okanagan shoots. His favorite vending machine food is Coffee Crisp (because he is ultimately a Bean Fiend).

Don Genova is the host of CVTV’s Talking With Your Mouth Full. Has been eating for a living since 1997. Former CBC food columnist, contributor to national and local newspapers and magazines. Knows the difference between macaroons and macarons. Favourite vending machine food: Miss Vickie’s Salt and Vinegar chips.

Jodi Bryans hosts our STYLE and POP-UP RUNWAY series, as well as stars in our GIRLS ON GRAPES series. She also books our Girls on Grapes tours. Her favorite vending machine food is anything healthy - we know - it doesn’t exist. A girl can dream!

Lindsay Van Gyn is one of the Girls on Grapes and sports expert. While she is a fierce feminist you can expect her to blurt out facts about football and sports history, right after a rant about the wage gap and intersectionality. A weird mix but if anyone can gab about both topics with equal passion while cramming Old Dutch Twists in her mouth, it's Lindsay .

Chad Laidlaw is the resident theatre reviewer for CVTV, and has been working in theatre as a stage manager, designer, and administrator since 2000. By day a mild-mannered civil servant, by night he is the co-founder of Hapax Theatre (formerly Jarvolution). At the vending machine you can find him buying Snack Mix and eating all the pretzels.

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