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CVV Health: Suzy Berikoff, Nutritionist in the City

Shining & Smiling Post-Depression

This is Rob. Not a care in the world, he’s got great abs, a cute babe, and an unusually large amount of personal green space (by lower mainland standards). Life wasn’t always this rosy, though, as like many of us Rob has been challenged with depression.

The recent uptick in transparency around mental health issues is terrific – it’s time to stop the taboo. No question that there’s a time and place for pharmaceuticals and psychotherapy…and…Rob’s a shining, smiling example of the impact of a holistic approach to mental health.

This includes a commitment to daily exercise – high intensity interval training is ideal, but ANYTHING to get your body moving and the happy hormones (endorphins) flowing is a GOOD THING. Staying far away from stimulants – that includes the usual evil axis of alcohol, caffeine and sugar, but also includes allergenic foods like soy, corn, wheat/gluten, cheese/casein. Many folks who try some form of a  “Clean 30 Challenge” diet for awhile notice increased mental clarity and mood as bonus SIDE EFFECT to tidying up their plates. Finally, you’ve heard it with Atkins and you’ll hear it again (and again, and again) – there is so much good to be said around following a low glycemic LOAD diet.

(To upgrade your Y2K mindset and learn why glycemic load is the new glycemic index, click here:

If you’re struggling, my heart goes out to you – PLEASE reach out for the support you deserve and need.  If you’re working on your wellness plan, consider some of these tips or talk to a R.H.N. or wellness coach about ways to support your healing. 

And…we’re live.