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CVV Health: Suzy Berikoff, Nutritionist in the City

Check out this powerhouse! Meet Gillian, 11 year-old lacrosse, basketball, track & field, soccer, & hockey athlete, and virtual dream client.


Take a good look at this face – you’ll be seeing her in a Gold Medal Game or Olympic Event in the not-too-distant future. She is one extremely active kid who is happy to share her success secrets.

One key component of her training regime is regularly taking a kid-friendly probiotic.  Supplements for a 10 year old, you ask? Overkill?  Read on & decide for yourself:

  1. It’s estimated that 80% of Gillian’s immunity is based in her gut. Healthy gut = healthy immunity = strength & energy for performance and recovery.
  2. Cool fact: The gut has been called the “second brain”, meaning that there’s a very close connection between Gillian’s gut health, and the development of her brain. Her healthy gut helps keep her on point managing the stress of being a kid, staying sharp in the class room, and learning to manage those pre-teen emotions that are going to be coming on strong any day now.
  3. Help support her digestion. Poor digestion is linked to a host of toxic inflammatory issues; include allergies, obesity, and behavior disorders. Gillian stays on the field and off the sidelines by making sure her gut is in good working order. (Pro tip: Many kids are exposed to gluten and grains way too early in life. A quality probiotic may help rebalance.)
  4. Detox. Nope, she’s not swillin’ beer after a tournament, but Gillian’s day-to-day exposes her to a complement of toxins – i.e. processed foods at birthday parties, chlorine in swimming pools, pesticides on grassy fields. A daily dose of probiotics supports her still growing body to get rid of the bad, and keep in the good.  

As promised, Gillian’s Top 5 Pro Tips for Young Athletes:

C  Limit junk food 

C  Eat lots of fruits & veg

C  Exercise 1 hour per day, minimum

C  No drugs/smoking

C  Get 8 hours of sleep per night

C  For the bonus: Wash your hands

And…we’re live.