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CVV Health: The Sumo Diet
















This is Leanne.

She’s a mom, entrepreneur, coach, and part-time samurai. 

Clearly, she’s not a sumo wrestler. 

No stranger to the rigorous sumo schedule, but she makes damn sure she doesn’t follow their diet plan.

Yes, friend, sumo wrestlers follow a diet plan. Key to maintaining their hefty weight? Skipping breakfast and having a big meal late in the day.

Why should you care? Any of these habits feel familiar?

  1. Roll out of bed, grab some false energy by caffeinating the s*** out of your system, and only stop to think about nourishing your body as the sun is setting?
  1. Ride that caffeine wave until you feel your blood sugar crash, likely between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.? Then succumb to what has now become an uncontrollable craving for sweet refined carbs? (Pro tip: Few people in the history of the world can resist those cravings at this point and correct a blood sugar crash with a balance of fats, protein, and complex carbs. Don’t let yourself get there.)
  1. “Save” your magically allotted number of calories for “later” (more below on why that’s not a good idea) to justify that 700 calorie muffin in the afternoon because it’s the only thing you’ve eaten so far today?

Why you’re not doing yourself any favors here:

  1. Want to dial down your metabolism?  Just skip breakfast and kick your body into famine/conservation mode. You know this. Please stop being scared of hearty breakfasts and nourishing your body first thing in the day.
  1. Stimulants = stress. Stress = cortisol. Cortisol = fat storage. Key: it’s not just emotional stress that your body counts as stress. It’s also the negative stimulation of insufficient sleep, caffeine, refined sugar, and blood sugar swings. Your body responds to all these in the same way: cortisol.  
  1. When you finally do eat, even if it’s healthy, is that meal too big, leaving you stuffed, rather than satiated? Eating too much of anything in one sitting also contributes to the sumo physique.

3 quick corrections, because you’re busy:

  1. Breakfast includes a fat + protein, eaten at an appropriate time, prior to coffee.
  1. Small snacks throughout the day.
  1. Decrease meal size at day’s end.

Say it with me: It’s just that easy.