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CVV Theatre: THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW Delivers Everything You Desire and More- Review by Fraser Hamilton

Every October, Victoria plays host to Dr. Frank N’ Furter and co.’s antics, and this year is one you won’t want to miss.

With a shockingly good cast, songs (with a live band) that will make you groove right out of your seat, and the best audience members to see it with, The Rocky Horror Show, playing at the Metro Studio Theatre, is a fantastic Halloween musical that will have you shiver with antici………….pation (sorry, I had to).

Based off of the cult classic 1975 film, Rocky Horror knows its core audience, and delivers all the classic jokes, songs and performances that superfans of the movie will love seeing recreated. For those unfamiliar, the plot focuses on Brad and Janet (R.J. Peters and Sarah Anne Murphy), the perfect seeming couple who recently get engaged. On a dark, stormy night and faced with a flat tire, the loving couple comerockyhorror across the castle of cross-dressing mad scientist Dr. Frank N’ Furter (Griffin Lea), who’s celebrating the unveiling of his latest creation. Brad and Janet meet the castle’s other occupants, including the servant Riff Raff (Vaughn Naylor), his sister Magenta (Ingrid Moore), and groupie Columbia (Jane Gaudet). As the night continues and the music plays, the couple soon starts to question the social norms they used to find so important, and their seemingly perfect world is turned inside-out by the outlandish crew in a night we all won’t soon forget.

With a cast this talented, it’s too difficult to single out a specific performer. Peters and Murphy deliver a delightful performance as the repressed Brad and Janet, and back it up with killer vocals to match. Same could be said for Gabriel MacDonald sporting a Sia wig as Rocky, Frank N’ Furter’s attempted creation of the “perfect man”. A pitch-perfect Gaudet is remarkably similar to the original version of Columbia, yet still managers to make the character completely her own, while joined by equally impressive performances from Naylor and Moore (just wait till you see their out-of-this-world costumes near the end). Taking on the iconic role of Frank would seem like a daunting task, but Lea has it easily covered, delivering the powerhouse level of singing prowess, acting skills and attitude needed for the part. And let’s not forget J. McLaughlin as the reliable Narrator, who brings the audience in with her perfect voice, and expertly guides us through the night of debauchery.

Don’t forget, hardcore Rocky Horror Picture Show fans will be attending this performance, so expect random audience members to yell things back at the actors, get up and dance, and throw the occasional piece of toast. Look, it’s Halloween season. As Victorians, we’re always looking for a fun, campy, spooky night to get into the October mood lately, and The Rocky Horror Show delivers on all fronts, with memorable singing, performances and raging libidos. I can’t remember the last time I had such an enjoyable time at the theatre, and I’m kicking myself for never seeing this show live before. See this while you can, and bring some fishnets.

– Fraser Hamilton

The Rocky Horror Show is currently playing at the Metro Studio Theatre from October 19-29. Tickets are available here.