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CVVancouver FASHION: Deighton Cup’s Lucky 7 – by Jodi Bryans

This year’s “Lucky Number Seven” Deighton Cup
in Vancouver was nothing short of spectacular.

Vancouver’s Hastings Park and Racetrack had a specially constructed viewing platform and reserved grandstand seating to hold double the crowds from last year.

I walked in and knew I had died and gone to fashion heaven. I almost had to pinch myself to check that I was still in Vancouver—I felt like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”
It is every fashion-obsessed woman’s (read: mine) dream to attend an event where every single person there is dressed to perfection, oozing elegance andsophistication, with a beautiful theatrical twist you can only expect from

Derby fashion. This event gives the opportunity for Vancouverites and visitors alike to explore their personal style to the fullest, and I was in awe of how each and every attendee went above and beyond to achieve their perfect look for the incredibly stylish and sophisticated once-a-year event.

Walking into a sea of over 4000 men and women dressed in beautiful, one of a kind, thoughtfully put together outfits, with all the derby staples is an experience like no other.

For men, it was all about sporting playful bowties, ascots, suspenders and fedoras; for the ladies it was elegant hats and exquisite fascinators adorned with beading, feathers, and jewels—each hat perfectly perched on their head like acrown.

Why the fascination with fascinators?

Legend has it that wearing a hat brings luck. Imagination and creativity went into every lucky hat.

With the Style Stakes award for “Belle du Jour” and “Gallant Sartorialist” (best dressed lady and best dressed gentleman) up for grabs, the competition was fierce. Hundreds lined up to walk the red carpet, where they were professionally photographed in their head-to-toe derby look. Each photo was viewed and carefully considered by the Style Stakes panel
of celebrity judges, including one of my favourite Vancouver Fashion
stylists, Crystal Carson, Style Director for the cup.

After careful deliberation from the judges, out of hundreds, two winners were chosen.

The impeccably dressed couple from Burnaby, Lucy Lopez and Michael Boulet,  in the months leading up to the big day,

carefully planned their looks, taking trends from decades of derby fashion and incorporating each one in a special way. Months of planning made these two stand out in a unbelievably well-dressed crowd.

Along with the coveted titles of Belle du Jour and Gallant Sartorial, the
stylish couple were each awarded a $500 cash prize courtesy of Market One
Media Inc., will get to present The Deighton Cup trophy to the winner of
the last day’s race, and have their names engraved on The Deighton Cup for
posterity. They will also become Deighton Cup Style Ambassadors for next
year’s event.

Aside from the stunning fashion, what can one expect from next year’s

Imagine being transported back to the time of “Mad
Men,” with the smell of sweet cotton candy in the air, men and women
kicking back enjoying conversation and laughter with a glass of champagne,
or a well crafted bourbon cocktail and cigar in hand. Strangers becoming
friends over a game of horseshoes, or watching in anticipation from the
grandstands as the horse they bet on pulls ahead from the pack. Where the
sound of a jazz band fills your ears and stilt walkers and jugglers
entertain you.

The “Lucky Number Seven“ Deighton Cup was above and beyond anything I had
expected. Vancouverites really brought their A-game and undoubtedly made a
positive and unforgettable impression on everyone who attended. I walked
away after an amazing day at the races with new friends and connections
and already planning my look for next year’s event in my head, along with
many others I am sure.


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