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CVVictoria FOOD: Bin 4 "Destroys any Chance of Regret" – review by Fraser Hamilton

Going for burgers with friends doesn’t always sound like the most glamorous night out. Bin 4 Burger Lounge in Victoria destroys that notion.

Burgers are known for being messy, cheap comfort foods that while they fill you up, they leave you with the ghost of regret. Bin 4 Burger Lounge, located on Yates Street in downtown Victoria (with other locations in Westshore and Saanich), destroys any chance of regret and delivers a gourmet burger experience like no other.

One of the many crowning glories of Bin 4 is its late night special. It’s simple. If you arrive after 9pm and order at least one drink, the burger is 50% off. As insane as it sounds, it’s true. A friend and I arrived to the Yates location at 8:50pm on a Wednesday to avoid the massive amounts of students and Victorians alike, all gunning for that deal. We were greeted by a friendly hostess who took our names and told us we’d be waiting for around ten minutes. Five minutes later, our names were called and we were promptly seated. Bin 4 is a surprisingly small restaurant, with me and my friend sitting in the back having a full view of the eatery. The lights were a bit dim and it made reading the menu just the slightest bit difficult. The place was packed, with a lively yet laid back mood that seemed perfect for a Wednesday night out. Our waitress (followed by another who was being trained), came to our table right away to go over the rules of late night, and ask us what we wanted for drinks. As by her suggestion, we both ordered the ginger mint lemonade cocktail, which turned out to be small, a little overpriced but overall delicious. Then we checked out the menus.

Bin 4 has a plethora of different burgers, from bean, lamb, bison, chicken, tuna and more. The amount of options and their impressive toppings was overwhelming, and made the decision difficult. Our waitress was impressively attentive to us, and when she asked what we wanted, I ordered The Angry Bull, a chorizo bison burger with goat cheese, crispy tortilla strips, jalapeno aioli and hot sauce. It’s obvious I like my food spicy. With your burger, I got a mix of salad and fries. If you order fries, there’s a huge list of different aioli that comes with as dipping. I ordered the curry aioli.

The food arrived in about 25 minutes, and since it was getting close to 10pm, me and my friend were ravenous and dug in. The burger was absolutely fantastic, not being too spicy, with the goat cheese and aioli provide a perfect creamy counterattack towards the spice. The fries were cooked to perfection, with the curry aioli being a unique but fantastic choice for dipping. The salad was simple, but a good thing to have on my plate so I didn’t feel like I was signing a death sentence for my arteries. The burger was a bit on the greasy side, so much so that I was so make a trip to the bathroom just to wash my hands, but it was worth it. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a burger. My friend, who ordered the chicken burger titled The Bistro, absolutely loved hers as well.

We were both stuffed once we were finished (my friend still had tons of leftovers to take home, while I engulfed the whole plate), and turned down dessert. Our waitress quickly brought us the bill, and said we could pay upfront anytime. For me, my drink, the burger with fries and salad, came to around 14 dollars. Without the late night discount, it would have been around 22. It was an excellent price for an excellent meal. I’m definitely planning on going back as soon as possible.

– Fraser Hamilton


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