CVVICTORIA FRINGE: “Trampoline” Review

Bouncing off.

Boy has weirdnesses, which threatens to get in the way of his eventual happiness, but then he meets a girl who appreciates him. That’s the not-too-spoilery description of Trampoline, a quirky and charming new show from Australia’s Weeping Spoon Productions.

Our hero is a weirdo, no doubt about it, with odd dreams and delusions that he’s dealing with thanks to a therapist who might just have her own designs on him. But that part of the story, and all its creepy potential, doesn’t really get realized—rather, the narrative goes on to grant him happiness with the girl across the street, whose trampoline he’s invited to bounce on anytime.

The cast, and their talents, are definitely the highlights of the show. Our hero, played by the show’s writer-creator Shane Adamczak, is an engaging oddball who finds solace in interpretive dance and creative inspiration in his own disturbing dreams. When he meets the girl, played charmingly by Whitney Richards (who does double duty as the therapist, has a sweet singing voice, and also performs some mean washing machine actions), he discovers new things about trust and relationships. Backed up by Patrick Hercamp’s multiple odd supporting characters, it’s a trio with great chemistry and timing.

The writing is witty and fun, although the show’s story has a lot more more potential, and one might hope it’ll go into further revisions so it can realize its full impact. But that’s the joy of new Fringe Festival shows—the chance for companies to, uh, bounce off their ideas, and for audiences to see a play and say “I saw it back when…”. Watch for these fine Aussies in the future—they’re going places!


Trampoline is currently playing at the Downtown Activity Centre. For more information, CLICK HERE.


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