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CVVictoria Preview: De Danann at the Farquhar

De Danann brings the best of traditional Irish music to the Farquhar

What: De Danann
When: Sunday, March 20th 2016 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Farquhar Auditorium, University Centre, UVic
Tickets: $45 General $35 Student/Alumni $160 for 4 Pack of General tickets

Info: De Dannan is one of the most influential bands in Irish traditional music, taking their name from the Tuatha De Danann, a group of characters in Irish mythology. The seeds that grew into De Danann were planted in the 1970’s during informal Sunday morning jam sessions at a local pub in Spiddal, a small town in County Galway. Led by Frankie Gavin (fiddle) and Alec Finn (bouzouki) with an ever-changing line-up of other musicians and singers, De Danann went on to release 14 albums then disbanded in 2003. In August 2009, Frankie Gavin unleashed a new De Dannan which in his own words “will reflect a De Dannan of the 21st century.” Famous for cross-cultural experiments the band recorded Irish versions of The Beatles Hey Jude and Handel’s The Arrival of The Queen Sheba which they called The Arrival of the The Queen of Sheba to Galway.

Their 1996 album Hiberian Rhapsody was inspired by the late Freddie Mercury of band, Queen, with the title track based on Queen’s hit Bohemian Rhapsody. De Danann returned to the festival stage in 2009 with a new album Wonderwaltz, which prompted tours across the globe. De Danann have played an influential role in the development of modern Irish music. Although the band has remained rooted in Ireland’s musical tradition, the bands virtuosic instrumental skills and expressive vocalizing has enabled them to reach out to a worldwide audience .

For this tour, founding member Alec Finn is joined by Eleanor Shanley (vocals), Derek Hickey (accordion), Brian McGrath (banjo/piano), Ronan O’Flaherty (fiddle) and Neill Lyons (bodhrán). Alec Finn has been integral to the arrangement and production of all the groups’ albums and live performances. In distinct contrast to the vast majority of Irish musicians, he plays a round-backed Greek bouzouki; one of the older style trixordo three course (six string) instruments tuned DAD. Alec’s solo album is entitled: “The Blue Shamrock” – Irish airs played on guitar and bouzouki. He has taught master classes at The Irish World Academy of Music in the University of Limerick, the Zouk Fest in New Mexico, and at the Catskills Festival of Music in New York, accompanied by Mary Bergin.

For more information on De Dannan, visit and their Facebook page: For ticket information please contact: University Centre Ticket Centre 250-721-8480 | Mon-Fri 9:30am-4pm


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