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It’s a Dating Revolution

Finding you love the old fashioned way… at The Dinner Party.

Introducing… The Dinner Party.
A place where savvy singletons can become part of a healthy dating community, attend dinners curated with their dating needs in mind, and have access to inspiration, workshops and personalized one-on-one care to aid them in their quest for love.
Because the world needs a dating scene shake down, and this company is here to share its vision and mission in doing just that.
This is a completely different way to date – fun, safe and easy. All one has to do is show up and enjoy a lovely night out sharing a fabulous meal with a group of people that have been hand picked just for them. Each dinner is comprised of 8-12 guests, equal number men and women.
How does it work?
You receive a personalized one-on-one discovery session with the host, Andrea Hill , which is arranged upon completing your private and confidential profile on This is an opportunity for her to find out more about each guest, and what they are truly looking for. Everyone goes through this process, as it allows her to put together the best dinner party possible, a table full of dynamic individuals who share common values, interests, age (demographic) and lifestyle. This method is proven to result in great dialogue and laughter, with the potential of you meeting your someone special over a great meal – which several members of The Dinner Party already have.
Since its inception in February of 2014, this business has grown in popularity just by word of mouth alone.
People are talking: 

‘Having attended The Dinner Party on a few occasions I experienced
this refreshing approach to creating a connection with new people and
making the typically awkward first date enjoyable and delicious. Andrea truly helped me evolve outside
my comfort zone and I’m grateful.’ ~Marisa Newton

‘I wanted more than an algorithm to guide me through my love life. With Andrea Hill I was understood, talked to and found in her a friend that would not just look for good on paper, but a partner in crime, someone with whom I could share life’s road.’ ~Tiarnach Mooney

What started it all? 
An A-HA moment while stuck at JFK airport in January 2014.
Founder, Andrea Hill: ‘The Dinner Party is my conduit to create positive change in the way people interact and connect with each other in the dating world. What started as an idea to create change, has organically evolved into a very rewarding business.’

Is this for you? If your current dating frame of mind is frustration, scrolling through online profiles, exhaustive emailing, attending events where there are too many of one sex, and not the other, or guests that you simply have nothing in common with are an issue, then yes, yes, it is.
Instead, get back to the business of romance, flirtation and having a good time, grab a seat at the table and join The Dinner Party.
The Rules:
The Dinner Party is hosted at local restaurants and the rules are simple.
Be on time.
Look your best (hello first impressions!).
Pay your own way. (each dinner is by invitation only and includes your ticket)
No asking anyone out at the table!
Be charming, be engaging, but most importantly, be yourself.

Andrea is present at every event and follows up with each guest post dinner. If someone is interested in another member and they would like to see them again, it’s her you tell. She then checks in to ensure that the feeling is mutual. From there she facilitates a connection, and the rest is, as they say, for the romantic history books.

The Dinner Party is positively changing the way people date – one city at a time. Dinners are being hosted in Vancouver monthly, with a series planned for Victoria this Spring, and the Okanagan this summer.

Get in on the fun at
For further information and to attend, please contact:
Andrea Hill

The Dinner Party
‘Finding you love the old fashioned way… at a dinner party.’
p: 604-764-1180
t: @JoinTheDP