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Fringe Highlight: Art of the Eight Limbs

Suave Meets Grit at the 2016 Victoria Fringe Festival


Murder. Teenage rebellion. Agoraphobia. The newest work from acclaimed playwright Kat Taddei dives into the deep end of the human psyche. DON’T. GET. COMFORTABLE.

After its international premiere in Adelaide earlier this year, local company Vino Buono brings the thrilling world of Art of the Eight Limbs to the Victoria Fringe.

From the desk of Kat Taddei, emerging play-wright and winner of last year’s “Favourite New Play” award, this original piece lands its audience in the minds of three different eccentrics: Red, White and Blue. Hailed as “psychologically pen-
etrating” (Adelaide Now), the script follows each character on a separate and seemingly unrelated journey, up until its shocking climax. A soon-to-be graduate of UVic’s writing program, Kat’s plays have been produced for Langham Court Theatre’s ACTivate Festival, Epiphany Theatre’s Interplay Festival, and Intrepid Theatre’s OUTstages Festival, among others.

“This is a very timely play because it addresses questions of gender identity,” says director Chase Hiebert, a fifth-year double major in acting and writing at UVic’s Phoenix theatre. “And Kat handles it with such subtlety…the play isn’t necessarily about gender, but with gender neutral characters and genderbent characters I think we enter a very rich and underexplored emotional terrain for actors and audiences.” Hiebert has been described as “an adept young director with an enormous visual gift” (Janis Lacouvee).

Aside from having written the piece, Taddei is self-producing Art of the Eight Limbs, and hopes that its “thought-provoking” nature (Global Media) will excite local audiences. “The characters are an agoraphobe, a teenage alcoholic, and an ex-con… and yet I think they’re each relatable. In the end, all three are ultimately lonely and confused: in want of something they can’t have.”

Art of the Eight Limbs will mark the first of three productions to be staged by Vino Buono this year, including shows with Theatre SKAM’s Pop-Up Live Series and Intrepid Theatre’s YOU Show Series.

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