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Fringe Mob 2011 Instructional Video Series – PART 4: Easy

Intrepid Theatre, Culture Vulture Victoria, and Martial Media present Gotta Getta Gimick’s Fringe Mob! These instructional videos will get you ready for the main event! The dance has been broken down into four parts geared towards different skill levels from Easy to Semi-advanced. PART 4 – Easy, can be seen below.

Scroll down for more information about the event and for links to the other Fringe Mob PART videos. Hope to see you all out there on August 23rd!

Fringe Mob 2011 Instructional Video Series – PART 4: EASY from CultureVultureVictoria on Vimeo.

LINKS to the other Fringe Mob Videos

PART 1: Semi Advanced – Set to Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

PART 2: Novice – Set to Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles

PART 3: Fun – Set to Kiss by Prince

PART 4: Easy – Set to Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung

PART 5: Straight Shot – Once through from the top

PART 6: Intro and Fringe Mobsters Music Video

Event information

Culture Vulture Victoria and Intrepid Theatre present Gotta Getta Gimmick’s FRINGE MOB flash mob, August 23, 2011 – at 7:46pm, Centennial Square, Victoria BC.

We are hosting a FLASH MOB for the Fringe 1986 PROM Dance Party (August 23, Centennial Square) to celebrate 25th Anniversary of Intrepid Theatre and the Victoria Fringe.

Celebrated choreographer Jacques Lemay has cooked up a dance to a mix of the top 4 songs from 1986 (A Special Song Mix created by the Zone FM).

Gotta Getta Gimmick gathered a gaggle of actors to make instructional videos, and go around doing rehearsals in Victoria – the GGG Fringe Mobsters. Culture Vulture Victoira and Martial Media shot the videos, and will be filming the flash mob in Centennial Square.

You will be there – dancing – with hundreds of other Prom Kings & Queens in what will be Victoria’s largest flash mob ever – FRINGE MOB!

WHERE: Centennial Square

WHEN: August 23, 2011 – 7:46pm

DRESS CODE: 1986 Prom


VIDEOS – The dance will be broken down into PARTs. All videos can be found on Be sure to check you the intro video explaining the concept and demonstrating Jacques Lemay’s creation…


PART 1: Semi Advanced* – Set to Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

PART 2: Novice* – Set to Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles

PART 3: Fun – Set to Kiss by Prince

PART 4: Easy – Set to Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung

PART 5: Straight Shot

PART 6: Intro and Fringe Mobsters Music Video

FACEBOOK – Join the Victoria Fringe Mob Group & The Victoria Fringe Mob Event (not on facebook? – no problem, see below)

RSVP to each PART Event as you learn it. Learn one part, learn two parts. We recommend you learn the ending for sure, cause it is so fun.

REHEARSALS around Victoria that are free to come to will be posted as Events on our Facebook Group, as well as online at the fringe website. Take a break from your day, and come down to learn the dance from Stephanie and the Fringe Mobsters.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS – check the PART Events on facebook for special instructions, updates, rehearsal dates and locations, and to meet fellow dancers doing your part.

TEAM CHALLENGE – Get a group of your friends, co-workers, family, or whoever together, send us your team name and info, and we will post it! Come together dressed up for the Prom and rock out like it’s 1986!

SHARE – Help us make this the biggest flash mob in Victoria EVER – and the most cool and styling. Post pics of what you are gonna wear, or your dance rehearsal, or whatever – get out there in the sun and start moving to Peter Gabriel, The Bangles, Prince and Wang Chung

HOST YOUR OWN REHEARSAL PARTIES – Let us know if you’re gonna host your own party to rehearse the Mob. Part 4 can be easily learned and easily taught, and accessed on You Tube from your home, work, phone or tablet. If our mobsters are available, we might even be able to come down and rehearse it with you.

IF YOU WANT MOBSTERS AT YOUR ESTABLISHMENT – let us know and we will show up and teach the masses, do 1986 Costume consultations, and bring extra hairspray. Email http://vicfringemob@intrepidtheat​ with the dates, times, and locations that would work, and we will see what Mobsters are available!

NOT ON FACEBOOK – No problemo. Send us an email to vicfringemob@intrepidtheat​ with the subject line NOT ON FACEBOOK to get workshop information, if you want to access the instructions, book a Mob Rehearsal, or whatever. We’ll email you back right away. Or check out the Fringe Website to see when the rehearsals are.

* Part 1 & 2 will be rehearsed by invite so if you are interested in being in these parts – email us at vicfringemob@intrepidtheat​, and we will invite you the Facebook Event, which will have the instructions and invite you to the rehearsal times. You will learn the whole dance if you join Part 1 or Part 2 (from Part 2 on).

See you on August 23, 2011 – 7:46pm in Centennial Square (half way through the Fringe Prom Dance Party, before the Luminara Parade)!