Langham Court Theatre


FRINGE: Wolf Trek – by Morgan Cranny

Wolf Trek is the true story of Kevin Kennedy’s solo adventure through Wood Buffalo National Park, a journey of reflection and self discovery, or perhaps rediscovery. It’s an interesting story of a man who finds that he is complacent in his existence in Yellowknife as a teacher and yearns to get away from everything and prove something to himself. Kennedy is a good storyteller and it’s a captivating subject that I think most people can relate to, that desire to connect with the more animal part of ourselves. Through backstory and anecdote, we come to understand why he needs to make the trip, alone into a wilderness that could kill him. Then he takes us with him as he hikes for three weeks with a broken arm through the bush following a trail, long abandoned, coping with thirst and bugs, close encounters with bears, wolves, bison and his own thoughts along the way. The show is nicely paced and well delivered; the hour passed quickly. My one complaint is that the majority of the monologue was delivered from a chair, and while he would shift and move in the chair and even got out for one part, I wanted more dynamic interaction. I felt that, especially as this is an adventure, I would be drawn in more if I could visualize through some action and not just his words.

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