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Kevin Ogborne Builds Better Bodies – by Leanne Allen

Kevin Ogborne is Building Better Bodies.

Having just launched his new personal training company, Building Better Bodies, at 24, Ogborne is in top form, and clients from all over are approaching him.

Born in Toronto, Ogborne grew up in Victoria. “I stay here for the smell of fresh ocean air and a tightly knit community,” he tells CVV. When describing his style and what makes him unique, he tells us “I add a sense of comedy along with maximum intensity with my workouts, leaving you spent after a workout while having a good time.”

I can attest to that. Every workout I am in stitches, but it doesn’t get in the way of being absolutely cooked each time. It doesn’t get in the way of results. “I believe in you” is something I hear when I think I’m going to bite it on the box jumps, or when I don’t think I can hit 1000 on the rowing machine. It makes all the difference.

Looking at him, it’s hard to believe he’s only been training for two years.

When I was looking for someone to train with, it was Ogborne that caught my eye – specifically for this reason – he’d completely changed his body in the space of a few months, and I’d seen it firsthand, working out at Studio 4 Athletics, where Ogborne trains out of.

Kevin is a master at changing bodies – he changed his own for in a huge way. I’ve watched Kevin gain 25 pounds and completely change his body. Kevin says “It’s much harder to gain weight than it is to lose. Losing is pretty much calories in, calories out, but gaining is a real science. And a lot more expensive.” It took Kevin 5 months to gain 25 pounds, and takes him 2 months to lose it. Last year he was a coach for the Fight for the Cause cancer fundraiser boxing match that Studio 4 puts on every year.

With that in mind, when I was looking for someone to get me back into TV shape after the holidays, I turned to Ogborne for his “Six Week Slim Down”. In six weeks, he said, working out three times a week, you can make a very significant change to your body. He was right. Within the first two weeks, my pants were loose.

“It’s different for every body,” he says when talking about how he trains. Some people want to put on mass, some want to lean out, so I really tailor it to the client’s needs and make sure the exercises we do will give them the results they want.

He really does personalize each program. When he assessed me, Ogborne had this to say:

“Leanne and I will be doing a 6 week slim down to get her back on track into a healthy lifestyle while shedding a few pounds and inches. In the past Leanne had fallen off the wagon before so in order to stop this I will make the workouts fun so she wants to come back all the while keeping the workouts challenging so she gets the results she wants. Keeping the intensity high with shorter rest periods to keep her heart rate up and get the most out of our workouts. The program will consist a mix of weight lifting, cardio boxing, high intensity interval training and most importantly stretching.”

It’s working. This is where I find trainers worth their weight in gold: Keeping up the pace. There’s never a time out, never a plateau, never a boredom. Every workout is a bit different. On Valentine’s Day, Kevin came out with a red bucket in case I needed to empty my stomach for our hard-core cross fit session. Another session was just a continuous rep/circuit, others have had sprints, and once when I didn’t have an hour, he did a high-intensity 20 minute session that was amazing.

My biggest epiphany in my 25 years at the gym came with my first session with Kevin: Do weights first, THEN cardio, to not feel worn out. Changing that order that I was so used to made me feel like I could go all day. The reason? “There’s science behind it,” says Ogbourne. “Doing weights before cardio is key because cardio will deplete your glycogen stores that you need more for weight lifting then you do for aerobic activity.”

Now, Studio 4, located at 715 Yates St – if you haven’t set foot in this gym, just do. Just go check it out. You will never see gyms in the same way again. The room they do classes in (and where Studio 7 does their ballroom dance lessons) is where I want to live. All wood and brick, not only is it beautiful, but there is the best dj’ing of music I’ve ever heard. All kept at the same bpm, it’s fantastic, you can really get your groove on and keep it there for however long you like. And the gym never feels crowded – between the seven areas on two floors there’s always room to stretch out, and sign up sheets don’t exist. And the stairs? Running up and down those with their 40 pound flak jacket is one of my favourite things.

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