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Melt Mineral Spa – The Non-needle Botox treatment – by Leanne Allen

Melt is the perfect name for this spa. As soon as you walk in, the smells, the earth tones and textures, and the staff magically wash your stress away.

The bowl of lindt chocolates that melt on your tongue at the counter don’t hurt either.

Our Okanagan rep, Colleen Bachmann and I, literally felt our shoulders slide down our back as we walked into the seating area.

Melt offers an amazing menu of treatments – from heated and massaging hydrotherapy pedicure chairs, to customized facials to total meltdown massages.

We decided to try the anti-aging facial. And what a great choice.

Melt uses Dr Renaud’s products – a fantastic mix of science and beauty.

First of all, they surveyed our skin with one of those skin analyzer lights that are like a crystal ball and can not only predict your future, but see it. The future of your face that is.

Then, they lay you down on one of their wonderful treatment beds, under soft blankets, and treat you to about six different courses for your face over an hour and a half. One of the courses is a set of strips that hyper-target the areas of the face that are prone to lines. They apply what I like to call the non-needle Botox treatment from a very medical-looking syringe. It’s a great touch.  What it’s actually called is Kronoxyl, a mix of expert peptides, Hibiscus seed extract, Kombuchka extract, among other ingredients, that acts to smooth out lines and wrinkles as well as improve the skin’s tone.  The icing on the cake? The final mask, which goes on cold, and while the mask is drying, you get a massage that holds up to the spa’s namesake – you melt.

This treatment is perfect for those of you who are wanting the effects of Botox – smoothing out of your lines and wrinkles – without going under the needle.

We came out shinier, more relaxed, and left about 5 years on the table.

And… one of the greatest gifts of Melt – Curtis –  the makeup artist fresh out of John Casablancas. “Many people come on their lunch break,” says spa manager Carol Bayston, “because they know they can get back to work looking fabulous.”

Melt sent us home with thePure treatment kit . And after only two weeks of using it, I can say, my lines are actually softening. I was not a believer until now.

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Leanne Allen