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Mole – the specialty black sauce of Oaxaca

Victoria based food writer Maryanne Carmack takes her perspective on the road and researches the traditional mexican “Mole” sauce at Miguel Angel Restaurant & Bar – Bucerias, Mexico where they have been serving typical, authentic Oaxacan food for the past 15 years…

The misinformed refer to mole (pronounced MOH-lay) as “that Mexican chocolate sauce”.  Although chocolate is an ingredient in some moles – if cooked properly, only a mysterious hint remains when the sauce is served over turkey, chicken, seafood, pork or roasted vegetables.  There are very few restaurants that make mole from scratch.  The reason lies in preparation.  This sauce is an all-day process because the 30+ ingredients need to be ground, mixed and blended by hand.  There are no shortcuts or quick versions.  Chilies must be roasted and seeds toasted.  The ingredients must be carefully blended and meticulously strained to ensure a smooth and creamy sauce.  There is no definitive mole, but rather endless versions that differ from family to family, from region to region.  Today, Oaxaca has the reputation as Mexico’s best state for mole. 

Linda, head chef at  Miguel Angel makes her own authentic mole sauce, it takes the entire day to make and she is the only one in town that makes it.

 Linda (left)  is prepping shrimp while her partner is cutting up Mahi Mahi for dinner service

Every morning a fisherman drops off a load of fresh local seafood

Jesus – kitchen parrot that keeps everyone company .

Oaxaca Tomales – chicken spiced with their regional specialty “black mole” sauce (left) & chicken with salsa verde (right). Tomales typical of Oaxaca are wrapped in banana leaves not corn husks giving them a richer and tastier flavor. 
Linda & me in the kitchen – notice the Canadian flag hanging above!  They love Canadians here!!


About Maryanne Carmack…

Maryanne was the first person scouted for our 2011 expansion. In my opinion she’s a perfect fit. Not only does she truly know food (and wine), but she has a genuine passion for being active in the community and for promoting environmental awareness through her writing and photography. Her work is engaging, relevant, and fun. I’m personally very excited to have Maryanne on board! Please click “Contact” above and let us know what you think of her work.


You can see more of Maryanne’s work here: – be sure to check out the food and wine gallery!

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