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MUSIC: Landing on the Sun

Culture Vulture host Leanne Allen speaks to Landing on the Sun about their new EP, their new video release, creating music for film and tv, and what’s to come. Stay tuned for the full-length interview where they talk about, what else, Trump.

Landing on the Sun has just released their second EP, Paralysis Particle, and it reeks of their nineties influence, which I’m a huge fan of.  They’re a Vernon-based band that formed three years ago, after Eric Hutton and Billy Hamer had been playing together for about 15 years before that. 
We were lucky to talk to them at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre.
The band is super keen on having their music used in the film and tv world. “I think our music is suited to that,” says drummer/bassist Eric Hutton. I have to agree. Moody guitars, 7.5/8 time drums (that’s my theory at least), and angelic, whispery, ethereal female vocals spread overtop like cotton candy frosting describes the sound. And it’s a perfect sound for soundtracks.
A new video is online as well at  When I ask the band (in the full-length interview video) if the track – Monstrous – and its video was a Thor’s hammer at Trump, “No,” says Quinn Vienneau, singer, “the song was actually written before he was elected, and we were surprised it fit so well,” going on to say how it’s funny how things are just sometimes floating in the zeitgeist, and it’s part of what artists do to pull it out and express it. 
Take a listen to them talk about their creative process, their inspirations, and their video. 
Landing on the Sun from Vernon, B.C. Canada

“Monstrous” from the Landing on the Sun EP “Paralysis Particle”

Listen/Buy to the EP here: