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Oh My Heart

Singer-songwriter and breast cancer survivor releases body acceptance music video post-mastectomy.

VICTORIA, CANADA – Kristia Di Gregorio put musical dreams on hold last year when diagnosed with breast cancer. A few weeks after releasing her latest CD she received the news that she had an advanced case of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. Di Gregorio would need chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation. At a time she planned to be touring her new record, Kristia was losing her trademark hair and fighting to stay strong enough to endure treatment. 

Di Gregorio has returned with a new video for her song Oh My Heart which was written when she started to experience the chest pains which led to the discovery of her cancer. Oh My Heart features Kristia exposing a golden mastectomy scar while dressed as the goddess Artemis.

“When I opted out of reconstructive surgery people asked how my husband would feel about me,” says Di Gregorio. “Would they ask that of a woman who lost an arm or a leg? My body is at odds with a society that has lingering insecurities and a belief that we all need to live up to a narrow view of attractiveness.” 

“Some women need symmetry to feel complete, but not all of us do. The video was created in hopes of showing women facing a mastectomy an image of altered, beautiful, feminine STRENGTH. Not only can you conquer cancer, you can change body norms too just by embracing your scars.”

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

View the full Press Release here: Oh My Heart – breast cancer music video – For Immediate Release