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Seven Habits of People who Stay Fit – by Yana Hempler

“No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to get and stay in shape.”

If this quote sounds familiar, then read on to find out what separates those who stay fit from those who don’t.

1. They allocate time to exercise. This means that they schedule between 30-60 minutes to exercise every day before letting life get in the way.
2. A little bit is better than nothing. On days when they absolutely can’t fit in a full workout, they manage to find 15-20 min to get a good sweat on.
3. They track their workouts. Keeping track helps then stay on track and not break the cycle.
4. They set specific, measurable, attainable goals. Knowing where they want to go helps them stay moving in that direction.
5. They don’t dwell on missed workouts. So what if they missed one workout? They just don’t make it a habit.
6. They don’t complain about having to put in the work. Getting in shape and staying there is challenging and it takes time.
7. They understand the concept of moderation. They don’t overtrain or obsess about healthy eating 110% of the time. They know how to enjoy the occasional treat and rest day.

Yana Hempler is a personal trainer at STUDIO 4. For more info CLICK HERE