Langham Court Theatre


Suzanne Vega : Remix

Photos by Pamela Bethel

I am sitting

in the theatre

Suzanne Vega

Sunday evening

I am seated

left of centre

which of course

is kind of fitting

and at first we hear the Idols

but they cannot hold a candle

to the calm yet solid presence

of the the one we’re here to hear
– – –
It is lovely

just to listen

To her voice like powdered cocoa

but what takes me

by surprise is

that she’s really

quite amusing

And she tells us histories

about the tunes

that she has written

They are funny

And they’re charming

and in fact I laugh out loud

– – –

I love it when an artist

sings with so much haunting beauty

but then talks between the art

and it is full of

wit and humour

One bit she’s a comedian

And saying something funny

Next I’m feeling kind of wistful cause

this song is so damn sad

– – –

Her guitarist

Gerry Leonard

is superb but

what’s he wearing?

It’s baroque but

with some gingham-

must not see

his own reflection

And I’m trying

to take pictures

of this fashion

crime in progress

But they’re playing Small Blue Thing and

my eyes have gotten wet

– – –

Oh, I thank you for your patience

please excuse this trite convention

But my editor is calling

I am thinking of her voice…

And of the piece I promised

to her at a time

Before the day is done.

And I finish up my column

And It’s time to eat my lunch

Deh deh deh deh Deh deh deh deh Deh deh deh deh Deh deh deh deh
Deh deh deh deh Deh deh deh deh Deh deh deh deh Deh deh deh deh…


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5 Responses to Suzanne Vega : Remix

  • Good review! I have to say that although the Idol finalists music was complimentary to Ms. Vega’s, they should be given some credit for going up onstage to perform. It’s no easy task to open for an International recording artist with less than two weeks to prepare for it.

    My favourite performer, other than Ms. Vega, who was NOT an Idol contestant was the young man in black, Jon Baglo. He came onstage and performed a fantastic acoustic song and had the audience mezmerized. I would have loved to have heard more from him. He was refreshing, professional and a joy to listen to.

  • This is the most perfect review I have ever read. I was seated behind Ms. Bethel, and while I think she is spot on in her review, the method of delivery is absolutely inspired. Thanks Pamela!!!

  • here is a link to check out Jon from that night ;

  • Pamela – loved your review almost as much as I did Suzanne’s concert. Clever and creative and smart!

  • I am sitting at a table
    in a small cafe in Berkeley
    and I saw this little ditty
    from Pam, which made my day.