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CVV HEALTH: Reality Bites – This is Mike.


Our new health series from Nutritionist in the City, Reality Bites, keeps nutrition real.

This is Mike.
Mike likes beer. 
Especially on a patio, on a sunny summer day. 

Chances are you’re like Mike.
(You may also be attractive + smart + fun, but that’s a different post altogether.) 

 Living well includes making smart choices — and picking our poison. I like to think of it as balance. For Mike this includes a couple beers from time to time. 

 ‘Cause if you gotta live, why not live happy? 

 Mike can do this because he’s not gluten intolerant. What about you? How many of these symptoms do you notice after a couple lagers? 

·  Arthritis, MS, or fibromyalgia pain.

·  Fatigue, no hustle in your bustle.  

·  Stomach/intestinal pain, bloating, heaviness.

·  Dark circles or puffiness under your eyes.

·  Heightened anxiety. 

·  Changes in skin texture.

·  Mood swings, depression. 

·  Brain fog, lack of focus.

·  Cravings for refined carbs and/or sugar. 

·  Migraines.

If 4 or more of these symptoms ring a bell…if you’re thinking “hey wait a minute”…you may be gluten intolerant. 

I’m not going to tell you to swap beer for kombucha. But you do have a choice to make:

1) Keep on keepin’ on with your symptoms, pretending we never had this talk.
2) Heal the underlying cause of your sensitivity…chances are it starts in your gut. (Trendy, but there’s science behind this one. Trust me. I’ve been there.) Once you’re happy and healed, you’ll likely be fine to down a few Guinness – without the gluten blues. 

Pro Tip: Like you, I’m human. When I’m choosing my poison, I do it when I can afford to feel like crap. My gluten blues come on strong and quick – you’ll never see me having pizza for dinner the night before an important meeting or when I have an event where I want to feel my best. Life is a series of choices & consequences. With a little strategy & smarts, you can almost have it all. 

What’s your poison? Write and let us know. 

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