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Talking With Your Mouth Full: FreshCoast


Each episode, host Don Genova takes us to a different eatery on the island and… talks to us with his mouth full. This episode features Fresh Coast.

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FreshCoast is committed to providing delicious, health conscious food and beverages to the people of Victoria. They bring in whole vegetables, fruits, proteins, and grains and prepare them fresh for you in the kitchen. Everything they serve is made from scratch by their dedicated team ensuring that you are getting the freshest, tastiest food possible.


“Hey, it’s January, you power ate your way all through December. You probably had more turkey and turkey leftovers than you can possibly imagine eating and now you’re feeling like you need something a little healthier, little fresher, good for you stuff, so it’s a good thing that we’re here at the Fresh Coast Health Food Bar. Let’s go.

So if you want healthy food, fresh food, here at Fresh Coast, thing you can start with, how about detox lemonade. It’s actually got activated charcoal in it and I’ve been sipping on that along with looking at, before I dig into, this Juan de Fuca Trail bowl and it’s got all kinds of great things in here for you. It’s got roasted spiced yams, it’s got feta cheese, it’s got bell peppers, apple, beets, some quinoa and some fresh greens underneath as well all with an almond curry dressing to go on top, so I’m just gonna pour that and dig into the greens with some cheese. I love the crunch of the greens, the green apple. The dressing is fantastic. Not overpowering curry, just nice and mild, goes great with the beets as well. 

If you’re really hungry and you want something to go why not grab a Vegas wrap from Fresh Coast? This thing is loaded and it’s big and again it’s got those good things there for you that are fresh: carrots, beets, yams, fresh greens, another nice dressing in there and some quinoa as well and this thing is really going to fill you up but you won’t be too bloated at the end of it because it’s all made fresh right here. Nice little cherry tomatoes I like as well. Perfect. I’ll be here for a while.

So the great news about Fresh Coast is that it’s also the home of culture frozen yogurt. They have all different flavors of yogurt. They keep changing them as they go along throughout the year. They also have vegan yogurt including a wild berry so I’m just going to grab a little sample of that one. Oh yeah, the berry is very pronounced in there. Nice and clean flavor to it. Once you’ve filled up your regular cup of yogurt you can also add all these different toppings, which, you could be here all day choosing those, just take it to the counter and weigh it when you’re finished, and the other thing I want to try is the frozen yogurt that’s made with Tree Island Yogurt. This is a great company that is in Courtenay-Comox area, the Comox Valley and their cows are fed on just grass in the field and I spotted a salty caramel frozen yogurt and it’s one of my favorite flavors. That is so good. Remember life is too short for bad food. For Culture Vulture TV, I’m Don Genova.”