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ZarYevka Ballet's Thief! On 42nd Street – TRAILER

ZarYevka Ballet’s Thief! On 42nd Street – TRAILER (produced by CVV Productions)

Step into the past — New York City in the 1930s, that is — and hang around for awhile with Sid Saltovsky: an unlikely combination of private detective and dreamer. “Salty’s” trying to scare up some new business…he hasn’t been able to pay his secretary Mildred in awhile, and he’s afraid she’s fed up with him. What’s a guy gotta do to earn a few bucks?

It’s New York City — it’s summer, and music and dance are in the air. It’s a little ….distracting. Makes a guy want to …relax and enjoy himself. Maybe listen awhile to Maria, singing in front of the theater, a real pip, with big eyes and big dreams of stardom. Hang on a minute — there’s a dame in a snit, and she needs some detective work done. It’s a “chanteusy;” an Opera Diva to be exact …and her lucky red wig has been stolen. Claims she can’t wail without it, and she’s pretty sure a hoofer is the thief! Well, not exactly a “hoofer;” a ballet dancer – which as far as Salty is concerned, is just a doll in her skivvies, dancin’ with a man in tights — ring-a-ding-ding!

Follow Salty as he tries to track down the missing red wig — first to a ballet rehearsal, with an over emotional artistic director, Iyall Poyntanshout, then to a debutante ball at the house of Mr. Preston, a whoopee cushion magnate, his social climber wife and his …red-headed daughter! And finally, accompany our intrepid gumshoe to a shadowy underworld club, where cool cats, dynamite dolls, directors and stagehands live it up!

Will Salty solve the case? Will the Opera Diva’s voice return? Can a dreamer and his dreams find a happy ending in the rough and tumble heart of New York City? Join the dancers of the ZarYevka Ballet Company this August and find out.

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